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The Syscare® product and service package by Dieckhoff is the perfect combination of protection and comfort for patients and users including comprehensive support and advice by Dieckhoff´s surgical specialists and medical device advisors. Reusable protective clothing and surgical covers are made of textile laminates and polyester microfilaments.

With the Syscare® product and service package a reliable component in the modern surgical system is offered, allowing a smooth and economical work routine in an operating theatre. The EN 13795 distinguishes products within the standard and high performance range, used for different demanding types of surgery. Syscare®-textile laminates meet the legal requirements in the high performance range and make a considerable contribution to risk minimisation, resulting in a noticeable cost reduction. The report by Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff covering a business economical study of the centre of hospital management is very informative.

Textile laminates
Syscare®-textile laminates are made of three layers. The two outer layers consist of absorbent and abrasion resistant polyester. The middle layer is formed by a microporous membrane, which acts as a durable barrier and protects from fluids and microorganisms. It also allows the human body to regulate its temperature. The tree layers are interconnected and form a stable laminate, resistant to high mechanical impact.

Polyester microfilament fabrics
Abrasion-resistant polyester-continuous filaments are processed into polyester microfilament fabrics. These fabrics are either processed in combination with Syscare®-textile laminates for non-surgical areas or used as individual products for fields of application that are classified as “standard-performance” by the EN 13795. The high fabric density and hydrophobic finishing result in a barrier effect, protecting from liquids and microorganisms as well as high mechanical impact. The low weight of the fabrics enhances its comfort and economical use. The particle emission of the tissue is low. Woven carbon threads are one way of ensuring the fabric is permanently antistatic. High water vapour permeability of the tissue ensures an excellent breathability.