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The following sets and single sheets are proposals that have already proven their practical suitability on the job. Of course, Dieckhoff individually puts together surgical sets suited to the requirements or produces covers upon specific requests.

Dieckhoff surgical sets

  • U-set
  • spine set
  • vaginal-set
  • hand-set
  • E-set
  • eye set
  • uni-set
  • laparotomy set
  • struma-set
  • URO-Set
  • ENT-set

Dieckhoff Syscare surgical covers

  • instrument cover
  • cover
  • basic cloth
  • side cloth
  • "Beinling" (leg wear)
  • "Rautentuch mit Flügel"
  • hand cover with slit
  • E-cloth
  • eye cloth
  • leg cloth
  • "Kochsalzschüsselntuch"
  • laparoscopy cloth
  • triangular cloth
  • U-cloth
  • spinal cloth
  • anaesthesia cloth (with/without fold)
  • "Verpackungstuch"
  • "Außentuch"
  • "Rutschentuch"

Individual and additional products for surgery

  • dia bag
  • swab bag
  • sleeve cover
  • stool covers
  • "Stockinetten"