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Visibly safe

See it SAFE® is an antimicrobial textile, produced by our partner Toray Textiles Europe Limited. The antimicrobial secret behind See it SAFE® is the X-STATIC® silverfibre for effective hygienic protection upon skin contact.

See it SAFE® makes an important contribution to minimise risk and therefore the cost effectiveness for hospitals. The product functions as a preventative textile barrier, protecting from cross infections by surrounding areas.

95 per cent of all bacteria - including MRSA - are killed within 60 minutes. At the same time, See it SAFE® does not influence the natural germ production of the person wearing or using the textile.

A unique technology permanently binds pure silver to the surface of the textile fibre to act as a drug carrier. The antimicrobial agent remains in the tissue and stays active throughout the lifespan of the product - odor controlling, fungicidal, antistatic and thermodynamic. We provide this ultimate antimicrobial fabric solution as a complete textile system.

Almost all textiles used in hospitals and nursing homes, from bed linen and shower curtains to clothing for nurses, patients and visitors, can be equipped with See it SAFE® and thus work against the transmission of germs.

You can find more information in our See it SAFE® information brochure, available to download.