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On the basis of GORE™ Medical Fabrics, Dieckhoff provides professional reusable protective clothing. This offers considerable advantages in comparison to disposable products:

  • substantially higher germ and liquid barrier
  • effective barrier against bacteria and viruses
  • low particle emissions
  • maximum absorbency
  • higher tensile strength
  • greater mobility and comfort when wearing
  • better ventilation through breathability
  • thermo insulating and regulating effect
  • if they are used responsibly and in the manner intended, the reusable and therefore very economical and environmentally friendly products can last over 70 wash, drying and sterilisation cycles.
  • mechanical damage is easily controllable by using GORE patches or the GORE™ DOT-MASTER™ procedure for a permanent and germ safe repair
  • individual fitting of surgical clothing
  • complete service through the
    Syscare®-service package