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Working clothes have to be comfortable, practical and able to withstand heavy-duty work. Dieckhoff's products combine quality and comfort.

Our clothing range includes:

Protective clothing and work clothes

  • for doctors, nurses and assisting personnel

Clothing for patients

  • patient gowns
  • nightgowns

In addition to the proven standardised products, Dieckhoff takes current trends, latest findings and, of course, individual requests into consideration. There is a choice of blended polyester and cotton fabrics, especially developed for hospitals and homes, as well as traditional cotton fabrics. Goods are mainly woven, finished and fitted in Germany. This guarantees a consistent standard of quality. The fabrics used fully comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Aside from quality and security, comfort plays an important role. Dieckhoff therefore takes both physiological and fashion aspects of clothing into account to guarantee optimal comfort. Individual design is made possible by the in-house studio. Naturally we also offer irregular sizes. With regard to both economic and ecological aspects, Dieckhoff's clothing range is a perfect choice.