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The Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co. KG produces, markets and supports innovative textile systems for every application in the field. Hospitals, nursing homes and laundries use Dieckhoff to fully and cost-effectively equip themselves. Hotels, rehabilitation and aftercare centres also form part of Dieckhoff's satisfied clientele.

Dieckhoff offers a product variety of over 100.000 options in the textile system range. The following division of products into groups provides a quick overview:

Dieckhoff is one of the country’s market-leading companies. This is due to Dieckhoff´s high standard of product and service quality. Moreover, there are two further reasons that make Dieckhoff your first choice:

"We listen carefully to our clients. We therefore know exactly what's important."

"We meet the individual requirements of our clients with creativity and flexibility."

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