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Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co. KG successfully links tradition with modernity. Over 75 years of experience in the market, combined with constant openness and innovation, form the basis of this success.

Even the foundation of the company in 1931 as a trading house in Wuppertal was based on an innovation. Karl Dieckhoff developed novel and comfortable clothing fabrics out of soft rayon staple musselin, which he delivered to sisterhoods and motherhouses. During the Second World War the company had to leave Wuppertal, only to return to its hometown in 1948.
By establishing Karl Dieckhoff WEFA KG in 1955, Karl and his son Arnim Dieckhoff laid the foundation to produce textiles, such as work and protective clothing, on their own.

Arnim Dieckhoff, solely responsible for the future of the business from 1965, developed the company to a nationwide market-leading supplier in the field of hospital clothing.

In the 1990s the company continued to expand. Dieckhoff GmbH, which mainly specialises in the manufacturing of medical products, was founded in the east of Germany. Investments were also made in Wuppertal. In 1993, a building in Wuppertal-Langerfeld was acquired as the company headquarters. During this time, changes were also made to the company management. In the mid 1990s, the third generation, Martin and Kilian Dieckhoff, took over the responsibility in the general management. From the end of 2006, Martin Dieckhoff, the company founder's grandson, has been acting as managing director alongside his father Arnim.
By now the company employs 150 members of staff and achieves a €29 million turnover (2005).

The 75th company anniversary in 2006 was the perfect occasion to underline the company's bond with their location in Wuppertal. Dieckhoff handed over € 5.000 to the charity „Kindertal“ to help children in need. The local media followed this fund-raising event closely.